Don’t let beard acne and dry, flaky skin get out of control

Most men love having a full thick beard since it makes them feel more masculine. However, when growing beard, you will come across some snags as the beard grows in. You don’t have to be surprised when your face reacts negatively towards the change as you end up developing beard acne and dry, flaky skin. There is no doubt that these side effects can be gross and very painful; furthermore, you need to understand that they are very common.

Taking care of your beard does not need to be hard work or expensive. Check out our 7 important tips for proper beard care article for a more in-depth read. Fortunately, getting rid of beard acne and dry flaky is relatively easy when you have the right products. Therefore, don’t let beard acne and dry, flaky skin get out of control.

Beard acne

Beard acne is considered the most common skin condition among men in the United States. Despite the fact that you might think pimples or beard acne should have ended after high school, these skin condition can develop at any given age. As a man with facial hair, you should expect beard acne to strike in at any age since the hair boosts the development of pimple under the beard. In most cases, beard acne develops when your skin starts producing plenty of sebum and when the dead skin cells fail to shed accordingly. Your dead skin and the sebum oil will mix with bacteria present at the surface of your skin, leading to breakouts.

A solution to beard acne

· As an individual with beard acne, you should consider washing your face along with your beard twice a day with the use of a gentle cleanser. In addition to that, you should consider using an anti-acne medication which contains the retinoid, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that are available over the counter. When you visit a dermatologist, they will prescribe some medications that will help in getting rid of the problem.

· You should consider being consistent since most drugs used in treating beard acne can take approximately two to three months before becoming fully effective, and it will take around 28 days before your skin to shed or cycle. Therefore, patience is of great help when it comes to treating beard acne.

Dry, flaky skin

Most men tend to go through some trouble of maintaining and growing a lustrous beard; however, the last thing you would like is for your beard to be overshadowed with dry, flaky skin (white dandruff). In most cases, this skin condition can be itchy, and it can fill up your dark shirt with some white flaky beard dandruff. Fortunately, getting rid of the dry, flaky skin is relatively easy when you have the right products to hand.

Usually, there are two primary causes of dandruff; fungal infection and dry skin. The dry skin often occurs under the beard when you wash the beard or your face using regular or harsh soaps.

Such products will help in cleaning your beard and face; however, they will get rid of all the oils present on your beard or skin, which helps in protecting them from drying. In addition to that, dry, flaky skin can occur due to low temperatures such as during winter seasons.

On the other hand, fungal infection tends to occur when yeast living on your skin is hidden from the sunlight; this process usually kills the yeast and slows down its development in your mustache or beard. As your beard gets long, it makes it a perfect place for fungus to hide.

When you completely shave your beard, you will end up solving the problem; however, your awesome facial hair will not be there anymore.

A solution to dry, flaky skin

· Always wash and exfoliate your beard. It is highly advisable to wash your beard and exfoliate it to help in preventing dry, flaky skin. Usually, natural soaps and facial cleansers are considered the best this is because they are not that much harsh and are they are less likely to dry on your skin.

There are special beard shampoos and lotions that you can buy that are designed for beards. When this is applied it should be worked up into a lather before being rinsed off. Doing this a few times a week will help to prevent a build up of any debris that may be collected in your beard as you go about your day to day activities.

· It is advisable to use dandruff shampoo occasionally; however, you should note that they are not ideal for your face. These shampoos have been designed for your scalp.

To fight against dry, flaky skin, it is best you purchase shampoos that are specifically made for beards like the Grizzly Adam beard shampoo. You should keep in mind that shampoos can as well cause dryness under the beard; to prevent this from occurring, you should consider following it with some moisturizers or oil.

· Use beard products such as balms and oils to help keep your beard moisturized. The natural oils such as the one on your skin aids in preventing your skin from becoming dry, and they work as an antimicrobial barrier as well. As you wash your beard, the natural oil is washed away as well; this means that you will have to replace your antimicrobial barrier. To achieve this, you will need to purchase beard products that have been designed to help in moisturizing your skin and preventing it from drying.

Final verdict

Getting rid of beard acne and dry, flaky skin is relatively easy; however, there are several aspects that you will have to avoid in order to achieve a perfect result. If you are prone to beard acne, it is best to avoid products that will worsen the situation; you should check out for beard oils that tend to react negatively with your skin. Despite the fact that stroking your beard or mustache makes you look cool, the process tends to deliver bacteria to your face, which might end up causing acne.

On the other hand, when it comes to treating dry, flaky skin, petroleum jellies are never the best choice. This is because petroleum jelly tends to worsen seborrheic dermatitis. It would be best if you don’t stop treating dry, flaky skin since it is a chronic skin condition; it might take long before it clears; as a result, you will require maximum patience and don’t allow beard acne and dry, flaky skin get out of control.

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