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The beard and generally facial hair is a statement of masculinity pride in men. Be it the mustache, goatee or sideburns, having it shows off your masculine side.

However, not everyone is proud of their facial hair, especially if it is coarse and brittle. Such hair will bring about some irritation and may even result in rashes and itching. The result can be an unkempt beard, which beats the purpose of having one in the first place.

If you spot a dry and brittle beard, this article will show you how to deal with the situation, resulting in healthy facial hair.

The Coarse Beard Problem

A coarse and brittle beard will come in the way of you spotting that unique facial hair that you desire. It will be rough to the touch and being brittle means it breaks off easily. The breaking results to even coarser hair due to the ragged edges left.

When the coarse hair comes to contact with your skin, it will irritate it, especially when you consider how delicate your facial skin is. The best option when dealing with such a situation is to shave off the hair completely.

The coarseness may also bring up secondary infections such as boils, due to the itching.

What Causes the Coarseness?

There are several causes of the brittle and coarse beard, one being your facial hair maintenance practices. Here, you look at how you shave it and the products you apply.

Your health also plays a role in your hair’s outlook, where if you have some conditions, they may replicate on your beard. It also focuses on what you consume.

Dealing with the Coarseness Issue

Below are several factors to consider so as to get rid of a coarse beard.

Your Shaving Practice

As earlier hinted, one of the leading causes of dry and brittle beard is your shaving procedure. You need to look at your shaver and ensure that you have the right one. If you use a razor to clean out excess hair, make sure that it is set correctly, where it won’t result in uneven cuts or even bruise you.

One of the pointers of an inferior blade is it does not move naturally on your hair when shaving. You may get razor burns and bumps, which can go overboard with coarse facial hair.

You should never shave without a shaving cream as it is one of the main courses of the rough and dry hair. Use a comb to straighten the hair as coiled over hair can be hard to shave and may result in an uneven cut.

An electric shaver is an ideal option, mostly due to its precision. If you are not a pro in self-grooming, you can go to a professional barber to get it done correctly.

Aftershave Grooming Process

You should also focus on the grooming stage once done shaving. Here you bring beard care products into the mix to help maintain your goatee or mustache. Grizzly Adam has some of the best beard care kits, including beard oil, a comb, and a pair of scissors. You may also get hard clay from this store to help with the restoration of your hair.

After shaving, you should wash your face to remove any hair residues – you can start with a comb or hairbrush to straighten your hair. After cleaning, you can apply some beard softener, which acts as a conditioner.

You may also put on some beard oil to make your beard glow and improve its moisture retention properties. Use a comb to evenly spread the oil, so that each section has a generous amount.

Focus on Skin and Hair Health

Coarse hair may be hard to deal with if you have a problem or condition with your skin or hair. Some of the conditions include fungal infections or razor bumps. They make your skin susceptible to other infections thus, you cannot sport a decent beard.

A topical antifungal cream can help deal with such conditions, though you may need more consultation with your dermatologist.

If you have thinning hair, there are lotions and ointments to try out, such as eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. They help boost your hair density and act against brittleness. Include them as part of your daily grooming routine, and in a short while, your facial hair will rejuvenate.

Your Shaving Utilities

The tools of trade, when and after shaving, may help you or act against you when dealing with a rough-looking beard. As earlier said, you need an excellent shaver, where an electric shaver is the best option. Also, pay attention to the comb.

The teeth should be evenly placed, so that they can lift your hair perfectly, without pulling some off. A point to note is that you should never share shaving utilities. It may lead to the spread of fungus and other infections, which won’t help with the brittle beard situation.

What You Eat Reflects On Your Beard

For full and healthy-looking facial hair, you need to look at your diet. A balanced diet with decent amounts of proteins, vitamins, and minerals will result in a nice looking beard.

Some of the foods you can have include: liver, vegetables, fruits, water, white meat such as chicken and fish, omega-3 supplements, milk and dairy products.

Also, avoid drugs such as alcohol and tobacco as they may affect your hair and general health.


A beard is a significant fashion statement these days, and how you groom it may boost your style sense. A problem may come where you sport a coarse beard, which may also be brittle. It may look unkempt and won’t do justice to your fad.

There are several causes of such a beard, as this piece highlights. However, no hope is lost as you can regain full facial hair by observing your grooming process and banking on aftercare products such as a beard softener.

Also, focus on what you eat by ensuring you have a balanced diet with plenty of proteins, leafy vegetables, and water.

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