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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Basic steps for utilizing a beard trimmer

Different men discover that daily male grooming can be time-consuming. Deciding to grow a beard to make mornings quicker is a fantastic solution, and following a couple of basic steps for utilizing a beard trimmer can keep your new facial hair from getting out of control. Similar to any hairdo, you can’t disregard your facial […]

How to Fix a Dry, Brittle or Otherwise Uncomfortable Beard

Whether you’re in the process of growing out your first beard or have been working on/maintaining one for some time now, there’s one common issue you may find yourself running into at some point or another – a brittle, itchy beard. Many folks find their beards getting itchy while they’re in the process of growing […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Lumbersexual Look

(Guest post by Peter Minkoff ) After the expansion of metrosexuals’ clean-shaven faces and slim shirts and tight pants, came a look which is characterized by a thick beard, regular cut jeans and a plaid shirt. The guys who adopted this look are called lumbersexuals or urban lumberjacks. The aesthetic is represented through the figure of lumberjack, referring to a classic masculine […]