It is becoming trendy for men to sport a beard. Many look at it as a sign of authority as well as masculinity. While beards can take a man to another level, it does not come easy for many.

As you grow a beard, there arises some problems that if not well addressed, they may lead you to stick to a clean shave.

Whether you are looking to grow a full beard or a simple short one, you need to learn of some common beard problems and solutions to help you counter them and grow your desired beard in comfort.

Beard dandruff

Beard dandruff can be common especially for those who do not moisturize their beard. Many would argue that they wash and moisturize their face but what they do not know is that facial moisturizers will not penetrate through the beard. A simple wash and dry will leave your skin dry and with time, it turns into flakes, and if you do not address it at this point, it turns into dandruff.

Solution: Aim at investing in a good quality beard moisturizer. It is also recommended that you include a good quality beard shampoo to help you keep your beard clean depending on how long of your hair. Clean and moisturize on a regular basis. You can find more on this here!

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Beard acne

Beard acne is common with individuals and it will come out especially after a shave without good care. This happens when you have oily skin and depending on the length of your beard, it may get worse. Beard acne is dependent on the length of your beard as well as how oily your skin is.

Solution: To help control acne and minimize beard acne, use natural products to wash your beards to prevent any breakouts. Simply wash it, comb it, and let it rest. Considering the dependents, it is recommended that you avoid using so many products especially those with chemicals. This will prevent irritating your skin.


Patchy beard

Having a patchy beard is likely a genetic factor or it appeared because you kept butchering it when it first started appearing. While you cannot force your beard to grow, you can care for it so you can create the illusion of a fuller beard.

Solution: there are two major ways you can address this.

Plan A is to keep it somewhat short while ensuring you shape your jawline and cheeks. By keeping the profile low, the patches will be less visible.

Plan B is to brush your beard in the direction you need to cover the patches. This will take a while but it will cover the patches in the long-term.

Dry brittle whiskers

Dry brittle whiskers can be genetic or it can arise due to stiffness. When referring to neglecting your beard, just like your hair, if you do not care, moisturize, or oil your skin and hair, your beard will dry and in turn experience dry brittle whiskers.

Solution: When looking to address this, invest in a good quality moisturizer and beard oil. Before settling for one, consider the size and coarseness of your beard. This is because different oils are designed to address different coarseness to prevent worsening the situation. In reference to moisturizers, some good ones are designed for all types of beards.

Beard itch


Without a proper beard care routine, your beard can get itchy. Once in a while itch may not be reason to raise an alarm. However, if it happens on a regular, then this is a problem. The causes will vary ranging from the shampoo you use or products you use to wash your beard to negligence and uncombed beard. Your regular products come with harsh ingredients for the beard. Major causes of itching include hair dryness and clog pores.

Solution: Remedying an itchy beard is dependent on the root cause. For those using their regular shampoo or their bathing soap, you should invest in a beard specific shampoo like this one as well as other products. A beard cleanser and conditioner will remove dirt and oil to prevent clogging. In an effort to prevent dryness, invest in a good beard oil and beards leave-in conditioner.

Dry flaky skin

The use of harsh substances or skin negligence can cause dry flaky skin in your beard area. The regular products that you would use on your head come with chemicals that may not be appealing or friendly to your beard skin. This leads to dry flaky skin which if scratched will fall on your beard leaving an irritating appearance.

Solution: Invest in beard specific products to prevent drying your skin. This beard care kit is ideal and makes a fantastic gift for a bearded friend or family member. Make sure you also include a moisturizer to lock sufficient moisture in your skin and top it up with beard oil.

The above common beard problems and their solutions will help you to understand why they occur and how best you can prevent these common problems. With just some home care tips, you will be able to enjoy a full beard or that of your choice.

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