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As a kid, I used to admire the dandruff free beards of the older men used to show off their well-groomed beards without an itch.

The only thing that used to make me wonder how well they liked their beards is when they were drinking something.

It looked like their beards were getting in the way.

Once I started growing my beard toward my late twenties, I came face to face with dandruff here and there.

An occasional itch would also be the order of the day. I realised that washing my face with soap and water, and applying some ointment on my face was not going to be enough.

My beard needed proper care.

That is when I decide to do some research and come up with a solution once and for all. I intended to find out why I felt the itching, and what caused the dryness of my beard.

I also wanted to know why my bearded skin felt and reacted differently from the way my scalp reacted to shaving.

My findings were quite interesting, and I will share them below.

Grooming Items That Eliminate Beard Dandruff and Beard Itch

Wooden Combs, Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Trimmer, A pair of Scissors

How You Eliminate Beard Itching And Dandruff By Grooming It.

I found out that combing your beard does more than just make you look great. It also makes sure that your beard does not get tangled up. It, therefore, grows out straight and becomes easier to apply any beard product meant to soften it. The longer your beard is, the more often you will need to comb it.

There are two kinds of combs that you can use. You can use the plastic comb or the wooden comb. The plastic comb is very affordable but irritates your beard. That is because it is synthetic in nature. The wooden comb is a budget item and soothes your beard.

The Grizzly Adam Beard Combs, for example, are designed to be easy to hold and pass through your beard with ease. When applying any beard care product, the combs also come in handy as they make it easy to access the skin under the beard as well as the beard itself.

See The 5 Different beard combs and brushes we supply Here

Something that makes the beard special is that, no matter how well you groom the rest of your body, you will not look great if you have an unkempt beard. The beard is part of your face. The beard dandruff can largely be attributed to the drying of the skin under the beard.

It can also be caused by fungi if you happen to use beard grooming items used by someone who has a fungus infection.

The beard being part of your face means that it shares the same sensitive skin as the rest of the face. It, therefore, reacts quite fast to any form of neglect.

The best approach to the grooming of your beard is to use a beard grooming kit such as the Grizzly Adam Beard Care Kit. This kit includes scissors, beard oil, and a wooden comb. Together, these items give your beard the basic care that should help you to deal with beard dandruff.

Complete Beard Grooming Kit

The “Grizzly Adam Ultimate Beard Care Kit,” is an example of such a complete beard grooming kit. It is designed to make sure all you need is in one place.

ULTIMATE BEARD KIT Includes Top-Rated Professional Salon Quality Barber Scissors, Pure Organic 100ml Beard Oil, Grizzly Adam Premium Comb, Grizzly Adam Beard Wash Shampoo 200ml, and the 60ml Beard Balm to deal with itching and dandruff.

You can cut your beard where you want to cut it, and you can apply the beard balm to sooth your skin and effectively deal with a beard itch. A beard itch is an indication that you have not been properly managing your hair. Once is started using beard balm, I noticed that all the itching had disappeared. My beard looked luxurious too. Grab it Here

Caring For the Beard from the Hair Roots

The beard needs to be strengthened as it grows. That means that your need something that will contact nature it right from the roots to when it is full length.

That is where a product like the Grizzly Adam Beard Oil comes in. It nourishes the hair roots of the beard and softens them as well. The beard, therefore, becomes stronger and less brittle. It also becomes easier to comb and gives your face a healthy look.

A beard that is brittle makes t look like the body is not getting enough nutrients. The Grizzly Adam Beard Oil works together with your skin’s sebum to make your beard look perfect from root to tip.

The beard oil also helps to eliminate beard itch and beard dandruff. The beard oil is made from natural oils that are blended to give your beard the best care.

Grizzly Adam Beard Balm

The balm helps to protect your skin from bacteria, fungus, and aid in strengthening individual hairs as they emerge from the skin. That strengthening is what minimises splitting later on.

The final item that helps you to deal with splitting is the scissors. Just cut off the beard at the very tip to get rid of the splits and the beard will continue growing. Cutting the splits also makes it easier to comb your beard.


Our beards grow with us as we age day by day. We need to care for them as we care for the rest of the body. Neglecting your beard will only cause it to be infected with dandruff and flakes, as your skin tries to care for itself by shedding dead or infected skin.

However, if you wash your beard and anoint it daily, then you can be sure that even a potential infection will be stopped before it can cause any damage.

Your beard is special; that is why you need to care for it using special products that have been formulated for a man’s skin and beard.

Grizzly Adam beard care products are made for men using natural soothing ingredients.

Other accessories such as a beard trimmer, the scissors, and the comb are meant to last long and give your beard an itch and dandruff free grooming experience.

A beard trimmer is the most effective way to maintain your beard with precision and efficiency. You can trim your beard with scissors, but it takes a lot of time and can often miss shorter hair and have fewer styling options.

You can also trim your beard with a straight razor, but this can lead to skin irritation and if you miscalculate, you might end up having to shave your entire beard.

Beard trimmers are more accurate, so you won’t find yourself with a lopsided beard.

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