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The Beardazzling Guide to Creating a Glitter Beard

Trends don’t only belong to the young or the woman who has grown bored with fashion. Trends also belong to men and particularly lately to those who sport moustache and beard combinations.

With all the contests over the years, the various ornaments hung from beautifully sculptured beards, the flowers, the fairy lights, the beads and whatever else can be a part of a fun, festive occasion, men appear to be open to a new kind of fascination and it might just linger way past the holidays.

Like them or loathe them, a beard is a man’s personal accessory to his ultimate uniqueness and when he’s got the wherewithal to create the ultimate glitter beard, then he’s got the perfect tool to bedazzle and shine in more facets than he could imagine.

Personally, and it is a personal choice, one can create a magnificent presence by utilizing their mien to glimmer and beguile. If you’ve got the courage to go out and be different then you’ve got the power to be as unique as you are and there are several ways you can deliver the perfect, the most attractive glitter beard.

What is a Glitter Beard?

It’s an expression of individuality and anyone with a beard of good proportion can obtain one. It began only as recently as a couple of years ago when a couple of friends who happen to each sport a beard, began an Instagram page. The pair of ‘Gay Beards’ as they’re known also have names.

Brian and Johnathan are happy, fun loving individuals who don’t give a rip about conventionality and it’s rubbing off on society. Having grown their beards they decided to ‘hairspray’ them then they poured on the glitter. That was pretty much it until they perfected their application.


How to achieve a Glitter Beard

Ensure you use a good beard oil and you won’t need to spray with hairspray unless desired.

This ensures you’re going to be able to brush the glitter out of your beard without too much fuss.

Accessorise your new look with aviator sunglasses of the same shade, add diamante and rhinestones if you feel daring and get out there and glimmer like a glow worm.

You’re guaranteed to turn many heads but a warning, everywhere you go, everywhere you sit or stand, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, you’re going to leave a trail of glitter.

It will go everywhere with you and you’ll be inundated with sparkles for quite a while so be prepared.



Glitter Beard Tutorial

Firstly, watch the youtube video on the above link to get a ‘feel’ of what you need to do. It is emphasised that you really must have a well groomed beard for the glitter application because it not only looks good, but sets off the contours beautifully.

Don’t forget you can add a degree of class to your beard art by using multi-faceted glitter if you don’t wish to stick with the same color.

For something different and for that application that takes a little more time and precision,

It is an extensive share of glitter application to a shorter beard and appears to make less of a mess. Not everyone enjoys a glittery, pretty bathroom so this method seems to keep everything where it is meant to be.


This article will take you over the basic steps to caring for your beard. It’s taken a while to grow, it needs loving care and attention just as your crowning glory does and with these tips and methods.

You’ll find a successful glitter application for your glitter beard below.

BLING UP YOUR BEARD WITH THE GRIZZLY ADAM GLITTER BEARD KIT – For men who want to sparkle up their life, Christmas party or fancy dress night out.

Since this trend came to global attention, there are now specially designed kits to help you attain the look you’re after and they won’t break the bank. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can mix two or more colours together, arrange them in a harlequin design or keep the entire look messy in a completely organised way.

Maintaining Your Beard for the perfect Glitter Beard

It’s not all about just sporting a beard for a pretty glitter occasion, maintaining it comes in at a first priority so that your glitter will remain where it is supposed to. Achieving a bedazzling glitter beard stems from your inner health so maintain a good diet, add in a little exercise, and keep your beard hydrated so that it remains in top condition.

1. Wash your beard at least twice weekly; no more than three times. But use only a small amount of shampoo as too much can damage and dry your facial hair. Staying within these guidelines keeps your beard conditioned and will keep dry skin around the beard area to a minimum.

2. Try to keep trimmers and electrical shaves to a minimum too and use scissors whenever you can. This method keeps spit ends at bay.

3. Quit tugging and touching your beard excessively except when applying beard oil.

Although there is plenty of controversy and opinions range from absolutely ridiculous to absurd, they all probably stem from those who have failed dismally to grow their beard in the first place so above all, have fun and give a new trend a lasting memory.

A Glitter Beard might just become the accepted signature look world wide.

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