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Glitter Beard Kit


“Glitter Beards” have now become a real thing, and more and more men are jumping on the glitter-wagon.
Whether these hipsters use a small glow of glitter, or an in-your-face-extravaganza of multicolored locks, this is something you gotta try.

  • BLING UP YOUR BEARD WITH THE GRIZZLY ADAM GLITTER BEARD KIT – For men who want to sparkle up their life, christmas party or fancy dress night out
  • EASY TO APPLY – Simply rub the Beard Oil into your beard and sprinkle on the glitter
  • FOR MEN WITH FACIAL FUZZ – Not suitable for men who can’t grow epic beards
  • HANDMADE GIFT BOX – Comes in a handmade gift box with 1 x 30ml grizzly adam beard oil, 3 x pots beard glitter (Red, Silver & Gold) and 1 x instruction sheet
  • New for 2019 – Now includes a 30ml Beard wash to clean facial hair after your beard glitter adventure.
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