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Man cultivates a healthy, sometimes bushy beard, for various reasons. One can grow a well maintained beard as a fashion trend, a religious requirement such as that seen among the Sikhs and Rastafarians or as a cultural practice.

The notion of tending a beard has been around for ages and is still practiced by significant population in some parts of the world.

The general idea of cultivating a bushy beard has declined considerably over the ages though. In fact, a huge beard can be viewed negatively in some civilizations.

In some societies, it can mean untidiness, unruliness and wild lifestyle. A large beard is, however, considered to be show of manliness, virility and power. Ancient philosophers, kings, religious leaders and thinkers are often portrayed sporting a large beard to show power and wisdom.

A large beard may never grow to significant size because the individual doesn’t see the need to cultivate it, hence they suppress them by waxing or frequent cuts.

The likelihood of naturally growing a large beard depends on the genes an individual inherited. A beardless face is slightly rare since growth of facial hair is controlled by a dominant gene.

Most men therefore, grows a beard just after puberty. Whether an individual finds shaving to be laborious or just wants to look attractive, there is a range of ways to stimulate growth of his beard and facial eyes.

Tips on how to grow facial hair fast, naturally

1. Keep the face clean.

The healthiness of facial hair depends on the cleanliness of the skin and the entire body. A healthy face free from bacteria, dirt and leftover lotions and creams is essential. An individual should therefore, keep the face cleaned everyone morning with ant-bacterial soap. In the evenings just before bedtime, the individual should gently scrub the face with a soft towel or cloth and soap which benefits the skin by;

l Removing the accumulated dirt.

l Clearing the pores

l Removing dead skin.

Watch your diet. The overall healthiness of hair also depends heavily on the general body health. The person should maintain diet rich in proteins and vitamins.

Hair filaments are made of proteins while vitamins and minerals in vegetables helps hair grow healthy. Proteins also boost production of testosterone, a necessary hormone that stimulates growth of facial hair.

Such foods include:

Proteins, Yoghurt, Both red and white meat, Cheese, Peanuts, Almonds, Cashew nuts

Vitamins, All types of fruits and Vegetables

2. Don’t disrupt the beard.

So often during the process, a person may feel the urge to trim irregular parts of the beard. There is also increased itching that brings discomfort.

In order to cultivate a huge healthy beard, the individual is advised against unnecessary trimming and losing the patient over the itching follicles.

3. Use of supplements.

Supplements comes as processed vitamins and minerals in form of pills or syrup that complements the balanced diet.

They can be found containing essentials such as vitamin A, D, magnesium, zinc among others.

These supplements are necessary since the diet might not contain the much needed minerals and vitamins in sufficient quantities.

One notable supplement is Grizzly Adam, a facial hair growth formula promoting beard and facial hair growth. It comes in form of white capsules in a black bottle. It has the following benefits;

l It contains Biotin and vitamin B complex in addition to aforementioned supplements.

l Ensures development of thick hair shaft

l It prevents baldness

l All made from natural ingredients

l It has a money back guarantee..

Grizzly Adam boasts a range of naturally obtained constituents namely Calcium Carbonate, Iron Zinc Citrate, Ascorbic Acid, Riboflavin, Potassium and Iodine Biotin, Copper Gluconate, Selenium Potassium etc.

Advice from manufacturers cautions use by people with frequent allergic reactions. It should also not be substituted in place of a balanced diet. If adverse effects are observed during use, the supplement should be withdrawn. It should not be used by underage users (those below 18 years) and should be taken after consulting a doctor in case there is recent history of medicine intake.

For better results, the user is advised to take a daily dosage of 1-2 capsules every day.

Getting it large, unnaturally.

1. Testosterone Therapy.

Little facial hair growth may be partly due to low levels of testosterone hormone in the man’s body. The person should consult a doctor for therapy. The hormone can be injected or taken orally albeit with adverse risks to the person’s liver. Testosterone can take over a year to produce the desired results. Maybe consider a testosterone booster like this one instead?

2. Hair implants.

If hormones and nature refuses, the person can approach a plastic surgeon to plant the whiskers on the face. It has worked. The surgeon simply introduces the follicles where they’ve not been, at various parts of the face well organized to prevent patches. This process is super expensive, in terms of time and cost.

3. Use of Rogaine.

Rogaine (also known as Minoxidil), is a drug that makes hair regrow again. The drug causes dilation of blood vessels in the face thus helping hair follicles instigate hair growth. The drug is potent and should be used under instructions from your dermatologist.


Some of these tips works better in some individuals than others. The person desiring to grow facial hair is supposed to try an array of these methods depending on the financial ability or even availability. But a frequent and dedicated effort while adhering to one method won’t be disappointing as long as it is correctly done.

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