Gents, if you think you’re being smart by pilfering your other half’s hair brush for your own beard, you’re not. The delicate hair on a woman’s head is a lot different than the coarse, sexy bristles that make up your beard. Look after your facial fuzz as it deserves to be treated.

Start using a quality beard brush & comb today.

With that said, how about we give you one for FREE?

This is your chance to stock up on some of our best selling beard oil or beard wash or why not go the full hog and get yourself topped right up with a beard care bundle?

Spend over £30 and we will throw in a FREE, Yes Totally free Beard Comb or Brush which ever you prefer.

Why Take Advantage of this Offer?


Boar’s hair beard brushes are the best quality beard brushes you can buy.

The boar hair helps stimulate natural oil production and spreads the oils throughout the entire length of the hairs.
Dryness, beardruff (beard dandruff) and itchyness are some of the biggest annoyances when first growing your beard out.

You tend to strip away a lot of healthy, natural oils whenever you wash up and use of scalp shampoos, harsh chemicals, and soaps can make this problem even worse. By using a superior boar brush instead of a plastic one, it’ll help bring those follicles back to life.



The general rule of thumb is: a comb is for styling and a brush is to give your beard a fuller, thicker look. Brushing with a beard brush helps the hairs lay in one direction, as well as ensuring full coverage of oils throughout the beard.

Natural boar’s hair brushes have bristles of different lengths. This means they help spread oil right throughout the beard evenly, with no missing spots



1. Wooden combs are softer on hair and on scalp compared to a metal comb

2. Because wood naturally works well with oil, when you use a wooden comb comb to comb your hair or beard, it will help to distribute oil evenly over the hair, for both original hair oil and oil from your hair care product.

3. Wood has the quality of insulator in dry condition, it will not generate or worsen hair static situations like plastic and metal combs will. As a matter of fact, a wooden comb has the property of reducing or eliminating hair static


  1. Simply place your order today before we stop this promotion & make sure the total is over £30
  2. in the comments section of your checkout write either: Black, Round or Comb – This will tell our team which item you prefer and we will send it with your order
  3. That’s it – Any questions drop us an email

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