What sets a man apart is not just his well groomed beard or his bespoke clothing – it’s the overall persona which he never ceases to carry. Walk in and if all eyes don’t rest on you than you need some serious grooming!

Yes, that’s a little cheat test which you can always try it on yourself. But please don’t be the one looking around checking whether all eyes are on you or not. That will surely give you away. When eyes are on you, you just know it. It’s the confidence within which sense it all!

Let’s head straight to the list and see what ‘Maketh a Well Groom Man!’

Statutory warning: It’s the 2017 list! What’s passé is passé.

1. The first habit – he changes with time.

Everyone does, and you need to too if you really need to be in sync with fashion.

A well-groomed man will never be antiquated. He will either be ahead of his time or with the times; never in the past. His beliefs, his ideologies will be all futuristic and based on utilitarianism.

2) He is no slouch

Drooping shoulders and dragging feet are a strict no-no. You need to be able to carry yourself in a smart way. A well groomed man is always on his toes; stays away from the couch during work hours and has a To-do- list which he keeps checking off.

3. Impeccable with words

Sure, you can speak but you need to know how to do it right. You need to be able to speak the truth and be able to defend yourself whenever the time comes. More, that’s not just what makes a well groomed man good with words – there is a long list here:

Does not criticize or complain

Does not speak ill about anybody

Speaks in the best interest of all

Speaks words of kindness

Speaks only when required

Speaks clearly

Practices what he preaches

Listens wholeheartedly

Everything isn’t just about talking – sometimes you need to listen too. This habit never fails to win the heart of the speaker. A well groomed man would listen to all that you have said and even that which you did not!

An apostle of neatness

You don’t need to be a Sheldon, but you need to be clean. Everything about you would need to be neat and tidy. Here are some of the things any well groomed man would focus on.

Organized home space

Organized work space

Clean cup boards, clean desks

Clean gadgets, clean laptops

Clean laptop bag

Clean toilet seats

Clean toilets

Clean beard, hands and feet

Mr. Right-eous

Standing up for what’s right and doesn’t shy away from standing up for others as well. A distinctive trait that makes him well groom is his clarity on what is right and what is injustice? People would love you for it, and you would have your own charm that nobody can ignore.

Tailor made

Well, everybody goes in to a shop to buy clothes. But then, you aren’t everyone. Going tailor made is the way if you are looking to stand out.

A man is also known by the clothes he wear – a well groomed man will always wear clothes that fit him well. Never a size big nor a size small! Just right!

Good Eating habits

While this list certainly includes on his preference for healthy foods, there is a long list which includes what he does not do while eating:

Doesn’t speak with his mouth full

Doesn’t answer his phone unless it’s urgent

Doesn’t check his mail while eating

Acknowledges each one dining with him

Knows what he is eating

Promises to keep

A man must always honor his promise. Making excuses are the habits of a layman. A well groomed man would promise only that which he wishes to keep. There are no rooms for excuses!

An eye for beauty

Art always develops an aesthetic sense in people. A person who can identify a good piece of art is always seeking good things in life. It also makes him sensitive to the beauty he is surrounded with.

Loves his coterie

A well groomed man will always value the good people in his life. His family, his team, his friends and his acquaintance will always be his priority.

Offers to pay for meals

You know that scene when everyone’s eaten and the question arises on who would pay the bill? A well groomed man will always offer it right away. No, we aren’t talking about paying in for everybody all the time. Instead, we are talking about the need to pay one’s share whenever possible.

Well informed

It is not possible to know everything under the sun. But it certainly helps to know everything that’s under the roof. That which concerns him, he is well aware of it. A well groomed man will always be informed in matters relevant to him.

Reads good books

A man is known by the books he read. If someone is well groomed than a lot of the credit goes to his books. A well groomed man would read books on every sphere.

Forgives and forgets

A well groom man never holds any grudges. He sleeps peacefully. Forgive and forget: that is the motto he adapts in life.

Lastly, a well groomed man doesn’t just read – they act. You will need to start on what you read – and sometimes, it can mean bringing in changes to your life that you never expected.

Aren’t these enough to get you started?

Go memorize them and execute.

And when you become well groomed, remember to remember me!

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