Fancy long beards? Could it also be that you want to grow yours longer faster? If you answered either question in the affirmative, we are glad to have you on our page. Here, we would like to furnish you with tips you may rely on to achieve this feat better.

Our discussions here below endeavor to highlight the leading tips that have been noted to grow a beard faster. We shall also go beyond that to offer in-depth explanations on how these tips may play out insofar as the overall growth of the beard is concerned.


Here now are 7 simple but effective tips to grow a beard faster and bigger than before:

#1: Refrain from trimming your beard

There is a misconception that trimming your beard invigorates and lets it grow faster. Noting could be further from the truth as there is no scientific evidence that backs that allegation. On the contrary, leaving a beard untrimmed in fact gives it room to grow to its full potential.

Refraining from trimming the beard in and of itself is not sufficient. You have to complement it with effective grooming. Start grooming the beard at the age of 4-6 weeks when it is fully grown. As you groom the beard, you encourage the same to grow faster and thicker. For this purpose, you will require some relevant beard care kits for the job.

#2: Take in supplements and vitamins

As advised in our rather brilliant beard growth article titled “GROWING A BEARD CAN BE ONE OF LIFE’S SECRET JOYS” taking in supplements and vitamins is yet another approach that may yield forth bigger better beard. The supplements provide the body with the minerals they need to trigger a faster growth of the beard and other parts of the body. Not every supplement may guarantee the intended outcomes though.

For that to be achieved, you have to see to it that your diet contains lots of biotin’s, Vitamin B, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12, alongside minerals like iron. You will find these ingredients abundantly present in fruits, vegetables, and liver. Alternatively, you may purchase some artificial beard growth supplements.

#3: Manage stress

Studies upon studies have deduced that an inverse correlation exists between the stress levels and the vitality of the growth of the beard. That is because the hormones that are responsible for the growth of hair are stifled whenever the levels of stress are similarly increased.

Therefore, you should manage your stress effectively if you hope to do a great job. You do this by exercising regularly, eating well, avoiding stressors, sleeping for long hours, and being in the company of those who cheer and encourage you rather than put you down. Effective stress management also repairs the damaged skin cells better.

#4: Skim your face for the ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are those that do not sprout beyond the hair follicles. Rather, it grows back into the skin and causes the pores to be blocked. It is not uncommon for the ingrown hair to inflame the skin owing to the intense friction it brings about when the same is worked on.

There are several interventions you may adopt to counter this menace. You may exfoliate your skin, apply beard conditioners, and soaps that are wholly intended for the care of the beards. Of course, you will require the extensive use of suitably designed beard kits for the job.

#5: Moisturize your skin

The health of the skin that underlies the beard also matters considerably. You hence have to care for it as well.

One sure way of achieving this is to moisturize the skin. This simply entails applying moisturizers on the skin to up the moisture levels and prevent the emergence of the common issues that are associated with dryness.

To ensure a great outcome, we suggest that you use a face moisturizer that has higher levels of eucalyptus as this vital ingredient is critical for the promotion of the growth of facial hair.

You must adhere to a strict application routine to achieve the best ever possible outcomes.

#6: Clean your beard and the skin underneath it

Even before applying the moisturizer, you need to clean your beard and the skin underneath it spotlessly. While at it, use a mild cleanser and warm water. The former kills all the germs and eliminates all the dirt whereas the latter opens up the follicles to allow for unconstrained growth.

Further, the warmer water also opens the sweat pores up in such a way as to eliminate all the dirt and the oil that may accumulate within them. As always, you should also adhere to a steady routine to achieve the best possible end results. Do not forget to use a clean towel to eliminate all the water after cleaning.

#7: Exfoliate your skin

From time to time, you should also exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation simply entails removing the dead skin cells on the surface to reveal open skin pores. This in turn gives the hair strands the freedom to grow without any undue hindrances.

The steps below will help you to achieve that:

Start by cleaning your face using mild detergent
Rinse the face to eliminate the detergent
Dry with a clean towel
Apply a facial scrub or exfoliate and allow it to settle
Scrub your face gently after some time to eliminate the dry skin cells
Wash your face yet again and dry with a towel

NB: You are advised to exfoliate at least once a weak.


As a bonus for sticking with us, we would wish to let you know that growing a bigger better beard requires a great deal of patience. It is not something you can easily achieve on the first attempt. What do we mean? You really have to get ready for frustrations especially in the early days of your trials.

Of course, it is impossible for you to do a great job without making use of the necessary beard grooming products, beard care kits, and beard growth supplements. We have these items in stock and are ready to sell them to you at affordable prices.

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