Once again, we’ve reached that special time in the year when we reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to what the next 12 will hold.

Will 2017 be the year I finally win the lottery?

Will this be the year I start my own business?

Will it be the year I actually stick to my diet and lose that extra 2 stone I’ve been wanting to shed for the past few years?

While some goals are more achievable than others, we here at Grizzly Adam UK like to keep things simple and aim for New Year’s resolutions that we can seamlessly incorporate into our day to day (and continue looking epic in the process).

Quite simply we have two, grow more beard and enjoy life.

So let’s start the year off by sharing a few funny beardy memes to smile and laugh of course.

Here are 15 funny beard memes you need to know.


1. Muscular beard meme



The meme is a representation of a muscular guy with a hairy chest. The idea behind the meme is that beards inspire one to work out and have a great physique. The meme can be used with funny words or none at all.


2. Do you need more reasons not to shave off?



The meme is of a guy who has braided his beard in form of a holder. Above is a GIF image of the guy eating noodles with ketchup from the beard. The meme glorifies the many uses of a beard.


3. From beard to derp



As one of the funny meme beards, it is composed of two images. The first image is of a guy with a full grown beard. In the other, the guy is clean shaven and he makes his face to look like derp.


4. That’s one sharp knife you got there



This meme is composed of six images. The first image is of a guy looking into the mirror with a full beard. In the third image he is holding a knife. In the forth image, he is all soaped up and shaving his beard off with the knife.


5. Elaborate pirate to peter pan transformation



The first image of the meme is of a guy with a made up eye patch on left eye. This gives him a pirate look especially with the full beard. In the next image, the guy has shaved off the beard. The transformation displayed is from an older pirate to a young man.


6. Childhood is just one shave away



It is similar to majority of funny beard memes out there. It is basically composed of six images and the goal of the meme is to show the transformation one goes through from when they have a full beard to when they are clean shaven.


7. How to shave 15 years of age



A beard is known to make a guy look a bit older but better looking. These meme addresses how one can transform from an adult look to a young look by shaving off their full beard. It is composed of 4 images with the first three of an adult with full beard and prescription glasses while the last is of a baby.

8. Brace yourself for the Gym


There are thousands of Game of Thrones memes on the internet and this one is one of our favourites. Every year millions of us plan to go to the gym more often in one of the most common new years resolutions on the planet.


9. Braiding your beard like a Viking



Vikings is currently a hit show and one of our favourites after Game of Thrones. This meme helps to show how one can braid their beard to have a Viking look. The image is of a guy with ginger colored beard. The beard is separated into three parts to give the guy a Viking look.


10. Badass Special Forces beard



The desert, the military helicopter on the horizon and yes, a Special Forces guy armed to the teeth with a full beard completes this funny beard meme. The image appreciates the Special Forces guy with a full beard especially the bad ass look.


11. Your beard is ripped, bro



A medieval scholar with a grey beard that seems to have a six pack is the theme behind this meme. One caption that can be used with this meme is “When you inject your beard with steroids and it starts developing killer abs.”


12. Condescending beard face



A widely used meme on 9GAG, it is of a guy with a ginger full beard, a lit cigarette in the mouth and prescription glasses to complete the look. The meme is used to show a feeling of patronizing superiority.


13. Beard vs. non beard short infographic



The image is composed of reasons why having a beard is better than having none. One illustration on the infographic is that a beard represents wisdom and power. This is bound to give one authority and higher status. On the non-beard side, it reads” one will have a baby face”.


14. The beard maketh the man



The meme is basically of a guy who is clean shaven. The idea behind the meme is that without a beard, you will lack something to complete the look. It makes fun of guys who are not able to grow a full beard.


15. Neckbeard



The neckbeard meme completes this listicle and it is quite funny to look at even without any illustration. The image is of an older gentleman walking in a superstore but what makes the meme funny is that hair seems to grow out of his neck. The look makes him appear like a mature cockerel.

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