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Choose Your Hair Product Wisely – Tips For Men and Boys Hair Styling


Walking down the hair section aisle in any department store can quickly feel like the rabbit hole these days. With so many different types of products dogging cool packaging and competitive prices, choosing a hair product for yourself can being confusing and pretty tasking. If it looks attractive on the shelf, then it must look attractive on you, right?

Well, not necessarily. Believe it or not, each brand of hair styling product puts out inventory to attract specific consumers with very particular needs. If you aren’t quite sure what it is exactly that you need for your hair, then read on because you’re about to find out. Also check out our great new hair products at the end of this article.

Why care?

First of all, why even bother? It may be easier to get out of bed and rock the mop hair, but bedhead isn’t quite the right statement to make these days. Even surfers are rocking groomed cuts lately. These days, the look of the modern gentleman is the way to go. This simply means that mane is kept clean, combed, and put into place. When google announced their beauty trends 2015, who would of thought that for the first time ever, men have out-searched women when it comes to follicular fashion, pulling out a 6 per cent lead over female hairstyle searches.

Doubt that any men really wake up with hair as such, so it’s a great thing that there are many hair styling products out there to do just the trick. But before we get into the actual product, let’s not forget the first step and figure out what type of hair you’ve got first.

hair product

Hair types

Hair comes in many shapes, form, size, and texture. Whatever hair styling product you choose should be compatible with your hair type. It’s not only going to make it easier to handle your hair, but also choosing the proper product will also prevent any damage to your lovely locks. Here is a list of some of the most major hair types for men:

• Thin, fine, straight
• Thick
• Wavy, curly
• Nappy, extremely curly
• Balding

If you have decided which description depicts your hair the best, you can then move on to learn which hair product work best for it.


Styling creams are not a popular go-to item for men, but most are surprised to know how handy they can be. They are lighter than most waxes or pomades but pack a strong hold as well. This is a great option for those needing just a little bit of control with some strands of hair that just won’t cooperate or for those who only need a little bit of hold in their hair. The lightness of styling creams make them virtually unnoticeable, and it makes your hairstyle look very natural. Styling creams are good for a range of hair types from thin to thick to wavy and curly hair.


Gels might have worked well in the past, and although they are not completely obsolete, they are rarely recommended these days. The one thing gel can bring that no other product can is that slick, wet look. They also provide a stronger hold compared to other lighter products. Gels work well with thicker and fuller hair that are within short to medium lengths.


Another staple of past decades, hairsprays are used today mostly as a finisher than a main product. Hairsprays add that extra touch of hold to a finished hairstyle, and they can also add sheen to your hair. A little mist of hairspray can lock in your style for the rest of the day. However, excessive use of hairspray can make your hairstyle look extremely unnatural. Use in moderation, and this product will work well for you, regardless of your hair type.


The latest craze in hair styling might just be the easiest to use. Matte products give off the easy-to-achieve bedhead look but with a touch of form. Matte products come in many forms such as putty, paste, clay, or mud, and they all style with a dry finish instead of shine. These products also allow a workable environment for your hair with pliable hold. This is great for those who aren’t out to look overly combed. Style your thin to thick, wavy hair with just your fingers and you’re done. If you aren’t the type to spend more than a couple of minutes on your hair, this product is perfect for you.


Although no longer a great option as far as hold is concern, mousse is great for men who have trouble with hair volume. The foam allows individual hair fibers to be coated with polymers, allowing a fuller appearance. Use a blow dryer after the application of mousse to take advantage of a product’s full potential. Obviously, this hair styling product will work well for men who have very thin and fine hair.


This product is making a comeback in the hair styling scene with its versatility of use. Pomade is nothing more than a blend of wax and oil together. This means that pomades can give a really good hold on your hair while supplying it with much needed shine. Pomade is also pliable, so it allows you to comb out your hair into whatever neat hairstyle you are going for. It doesn’t flake unlike gel, and it allows for a more natural look as well. Pomade is great for thin hair to the extremely curly hair types. Just don’t use it if you tend to have oilier hair, as it’ll make your head too greasy to work with.


Waxes work much like pomades do without giving the overt shine and wetness. It’s a better option if you have oily hair to begin with. However, they are a little more difficult to manipulate, and improper use of wax can result into a clumpy hairstyle. It works best with thicker hair of medium lengths. Make sure to distribute the wax evenly to avoid looking lumpy.

Whichever hair styling product you choose for your hair, it’s important to remember to keep yourself groomed and clean. Maintaining healthy hair will allow it to be more agreeable with styling. It might take a little bit of trial and error to find what truly works best with your hair. It might even take a combination of hair styling products to make your hair work the way you want it to. Whatever you do, have fun with it and your hair will be looking stylish in no time.

Introducing Grizzly Adam Hair Products

Hard ClayHardClay2

This Grizzly Adam Hard Clay has a ton of holding power. It gives separation and volume, and is highly mold-able. If you have shorter hair and like to get some spikes but don’t want to use the space age polymer hard goo, then clay is the perfect product for you. Mind you it is not rigid enough to hold spikes for long hair. It is also matte with low shine. It is not meant for a smooth looking hair style. Rather, it lets you go for an intentionally unkempt look or something a little edgy.


Matt Paste Matt2

This refreshing designer product helps create cool and funky styling along with a Matt effect formulated with carnuba wax. Matt Paste helps provide sleek hair direction and has a great hold, even for curly hair. keeps hair looking healthy without making it too stiff or sticky. Its very re workable – Your hair still looks dry, like you didn’t put anything on it. Designed specifically for medium to long men’s hair, Grizzly Adam Matt Paste provides medium to strong hold with a dry matte finish.



Still unsure what to use? Send an email to with the title hair recommendation. Send a picture of your current hair style and tell us what hair product you’re currently using.
But remember, regardless of the product you use, you have to play around with it and learn how to use the product. You gotta work it. There is finesse and a learning curve. Play with it and try it in many different hair styling situations: dry, damp, hit it with a hair dryer… sometimes it comes down to trial by style.

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