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A man’s beard is the eternal symbol of virility and masculinity. From Viking warriors and mountain men to presidents and military leaders, the beard has become a symbol synonymous with hard work, diligence, and handling things like, well, a man. While many historical figures are imagined rushing into battle or assiduously signing the proclamations that built our nations and world with their beards waving perfectly in the wind or crafted just so on their jaw line, the process of keeping a beard well groomed and worthy of admiration is a battle in itself.

Without using the proper beard shampoo and other grooming products you could leave your prized facial hair vulnerable to attacks from all kinds of nasty elements seeking to strip the machismo straight from your face. If you want the best out of your beard then take just a moment and explore the products, strategies, and formulas to keep you looking the part to handle whatever comes your way.

Beard Shampoos and Conditioners

How many times have you heard “I would love to grow a magnificent beard, but my face gets so itchy and irritated when I try”? Perhaps this has even been you. The irritation and itchiness caused when trying to grow a beard come from the dead skin cells that collect in the bristles of your new beard. This is one of the best reasons to start using beard shampoos and conditioners.

While washing with scalp shampoos can result in a dry, flat and lifeless beard, and can actually make irritation worse, specially formulated shampoos and conditioners developed solely for your beard protect your developing facial hair, as well as the skin underneath, providing a glossy, elegant, and itch free beard all day long. Beard shampoos also protect from the dreaded and infamous ‘beard pong’ a collection of gross build-up like food and cigarette odors and dust and dirt, which can be much worse if you live in a large city.

Why Beard Shampoos are Important

I’ve spoken with many men who believe the itchy and roughness of their developing beard is all just a part of being a man and that beard shampoos and conditioners are only gimmicks to get their money. Let me assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. After all, the whole point of growing an epic and sophisticated beard is to look your absolute best as a man, right?
As I mentioned above, one of the most usual complaints during the development process of a beard is the itchiness and irritation, and the habit of consistently scratching is a common one but can quickly lead to beardruff, a form of dandruff in your beard, and should be kept to an absolute minimum if you want to avoid this condition, as hard as that may be.

Using a proper beard shampoo will help clear up beardruff while also cultivating the natural oils that keep your beard defended. Coupled with a beard conditioner that alleviates and protects the skin underneath with an anti-itch PH formula, you’ll have an awesome and comfortable beard to showcase your masculinity.

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

I feel it is important to add a disclaimer here as any washing, including rinsing and drying, may remove the essential natural oils in your beard. This can be remedied by purchasing a beard shampoo and conditioner that replenishes and cultivates these natural oils as well as knowing your beard and how often it requires washing. While some advocate daily washing, others suggest only washing your beard every three to four days.

Ultimately though, this is something you will have to decide for yourself based upon the products you choose and by observing and knowing how quickly your beards individual oils repopulate as this is something that will differ from man to man.
There are many factors to take note of when deciding how often to wash your beard, such as coarseness, thickness, length, and texture. If your beard is longer that average or your skin is naturally oily, you may wash your beard more often, but a good starting point is an average of two to three times a week. Over time you will begin to become more in tune with your beards development habits and be able to make a decision on how often to use beard shampoo and conditioner.

So You’ve Washed Your Beard, Now What?

Grizzly Adam Styling Matt PasteSo now that you’ve started your beard shampoo and conditioner regiment, what’s the next step in keeping your beard looking healthy, sexy, and manly? Products like beard butters, oils, and balms not only keep your beard styled and manageable, but also help shampoo and conditioner fight away beardruff and promote natural oil replenishment.
Trimming your beard is the last line of defense in keeping your beard handsome and tailored specifically to you. It is important to trim from the ears down to the neck as to keep a level beard length, and to remember that not all beard hairs grow the same length or direction. With some practice and help from your shampoos, conditioners, balms, and oils, you’ll have your beard suiting your individual fashion sense in no time.
Get Out There With Your Epic Beard and Make History

So now that we’ve explored all the different ways that beard shampoo and conditioner is essential, let’s review some of the excellent benefits of using a specific beard shampoo instead of standard scalp shampoos and conditioners:

  • Beard Shampoos are uniquely formulated to replenish and cultivate your beard’s natural oils.
  • Beard Shampoos and conditioners are designed to eliminate beardruff and to promote non-itch and irritation on the skin beneath.
  • Beard Shampoos protect and eliminate nasty ‘beard pong’ development in your beard.
  • Beard Shampoos coupled with conditioners, balms, oils, and trimming, when needed, allow for a stylish, manageable, gentlemanly beard.

Now that you know all the excellent benefits of choosing a beard shampoo over standard scalp supplements, wait no longer. The destiny of your epic beard is calling to you. Choose Grizzly Adam beard shampoo and conditioner for you today and join the ranks of all the historical bearded heroes with your majestic beard crafted just so on your jaw line, and waving perfectly in the wind.



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