First and for most, before you decide to grow a beard, you need to understand that the ability to grow beards depends on your genes. Some people can grow a beard in a matter of weeks and others will struggle for months only to get a fraction of what the guy with the ‘good’ genes got in weeks. Growing a full beard is a long process that requires patience and dedication.

Men that grow a beard are perceived to be strong, healthy, and more masculine; therefore, they appear more attractive than those that cannot grow or do not have a beard. Research shows that more than 50% of women are attracted to men that grow a beard. However, 43% percent of women say they would not engage with bearded men; their reason being that beards are gross, and they prefer cleaned shaved men. This could be true, especially in cases where the beard is unkempt.

The explosion of the beard trend has led to the invention of hundreds of products like BEARD GROWTH SPRAY and other hair stimulating supplements that are meant to boost and stimulate facial hair growth. These products have flooded the market, and there seems to be a solution to solve every known beard growing challenges present.

Beard growth spray is a facial hair product designed to promote beard growth. These products target mostly the men that are struggling to grow a beard and are having a harder time than their counterparts.

Several factors contribute to the ability to grow a beard. These factors, unfortunately, cannot be solved by using beard growth sprays.

These factors include:

1. Hormones.
Testosterone, a male hormone is a hormone responsible for facial hair. Testosterone levels have a direct influence on how much beard a man can grow. Higher levels of testosterone and DHT can produce significantly more beard than men with lower levels of these hormones. There are several ways one can improve his testosterone levels. You can take testosterone supplements, exercise regularly, and lift weights. These physical activities have been proven to increase testosterone levels. You can read more about this in this article – Growing a beard can be one of life’s joys 

2. Genetics.
How fast your hair grows and where it grows is determined by your genetic makeup. Genes are the main factors that affect beard growth and appearance. Some men have patchy facial hair even after months or even years of growing the beard; others do not have any facial hair at all and others have a vast and massive beard which they didn’t even work for. Yes, it is quite unfair, but that’s genetics, and there is nothing you can do about it.

3. Diet.
A balanced diet plays a role in how much facial hair one can grow. The healthier your body, the better your body functions. It is said you are what you eat; this is because your skin reflects what is inside. If you eat a balanced diet, the results will show through your glowing and healthy skin, and if your diet is not balanced, your skin will show this too. Your skin will be dull and not as healthy. Healthy skin has healthy follicles which promote facial hair growth. Foods such as nuts, fish, green leafy vegetables, carrots have been known to boost hair growth because of the vitamins they have. These vitamins have a direct effect on hair growth.

4. Ethnic Background.
Men from all ethnic groups can grow a beard; however, ethnic factors will affect the shape and texture of your hair. Most Americans and Europeans find it easy to grow a beard compared to men from Asia. Facial hair is mostly a Caucasian trait; this includes North Africans, Arabs, and people in the middle east as well. Men of all ethnicity can grow patchy beards or facial hair on the chin or cheeks only, but this trait occurs more often in African men than in Anglo men.

The above mentioned factors affect how much beard a person can grow. It makes sense for one to try to look out for other alternatives, mainly because you do not all stand a fair chance.

But DOES BEARD GROWTH SPRAY WORK? There is no concrete answer to this because little research has been done to prove if beard spray works or not. Most of these products lack scientific credibility. People react differently to products. However, if you are struggling to make your hair develop faster, you might want to consider giving this product a chance.

The beard nation is also divided when it comes to beard growth spray. Some claim that beard spray was heaven sent, and it gave them the ideal beard they desired. Some say they noticed a significant growth after about 3-4 months of using the beard growth spray.

Use the beard spray immediately after having a hot shower. This is the ideal time because the pores are open, and the nutrients will be easily absorbed. You should, however, dry your beard thoroughly with a clean towel before spraying and evenly distributing the content by massaging. Spray at regular intervals, at least twice a day for best results.

While others disagree and they claim it didn’t work for them and it nothing more than a scam and a waste of their money.
If beards growth spray worked 100%, then I bet by now almost all men would own a beard now, especially with the societal pressure today to be part of the beard nation.

There are new concerns about the use of beard spray. There are allegations that the changes associated with these products are not permanent, and the moment you stop using your beard growth spray, the beards stop growing, and sometimes the hair even falls off. In contradiction to these claims, beard growth spray works from inside your facial skin by stimulating the hair follicles. This will induce natural hair growth on your face. Therefore the hair growth will remain will go on even after you stop using these products or even you shave.

The secret to beard growth sprays lies within their ingredients. The manufacturers claim that these beard sprays contain ingredients that boost hair growth from the follicles.

These ingredients include:

Sulfur – It is vital for stimulating facial hair growth.
Potassium – It stimulates the creation of DHT, a hormone that promotes the growth of male facial hair.
Calcium – It has been shown to prevent hair loss.
Magnesium – Regulates DHT and testosterone hormones that are necessary for beard development.
Zinc – It boosts hair development speed and facial hair wellness by elevating thyroid hormone and promoting testosterone creation.
Vitamin A – It promotes testosterone production; a vital hormone that is used to stimulate facial hair follicles.
Vitamin B – It maintains testosterone levels and stimulates the production of keratin for hair and sebum and enhances beard growth.
Vitamin C – It helps in protecting the hair follicles, testosterone, and DHT from the harmful effects of cortisol.

However, some of these products are not user-friendly for everyone. This because they contain harmful chemicals. People with sensitive skin cannot use beard spray as it may cause skin and throat irritation. Others that cannot use are people with medical conditions like asthma.

However, some of the sprays are made from natural and skin friendly products.


Natural beard growth spray contains a variety of proven herbal ingredients that will help to revitalise the hair follicles. This beard growth spray is safe, and it does not contain any toxic chemicals. This will make the beard growth spray perfect for use even on the most sensitive skin.

The advantages of using beard spray outrun the cons. Some of the benefits of using beard spray are:


* It may prevent hair loss.
*It may enhance beard growth.
*It Stimulates facial hair follicles.
*Boosts testosterone production.
*It is a great way to cool your beard in hot weather.
*It is a 2 in 1. It moisturizes the skin, and you do not have to use oil.
*If it is natural, it can be used even on the most sensitive skins.



When it is all said and done, people react differently to products.

What worked for your brother or best friend doesn’t have to work for you. Beards have been grown since time immemorial and its until recently, thanks to technology and social media that the beard trend is popular than it has ever been across the globe.

Before the invention of beard growth simulators, people still grew their beards. If you can grow your beard, the old school way, the better, the fulfilment you will get after the waiting you did will be worth it.

If you are working on a timeline and wish to speed up the process, then beard growth spray would be perfect for you. People who have also been in it for long without achieving their ideal beard maybe because of their genes or hormones should definitely try out the beard growth spray.

The only way you can honestly know if beard growth sprays work for you is to try them out. After all, you have nothing to lose.

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