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Men with moustaches and beards tend to undergo several skin conditions including pimple, rash or constant itch. In most cases, these skin conditions are relatively easy to treat with the use of beard oils; however, sometimes they might require little more of your attention.

Understanding the causes of these skin conditions will help you solve them with utmost ease; as a man with a beard, it is best for you to discover how to solve any beard-related skin condition. By doing so, you will be able to grow your beard with utmost ease without any adverse skin effect.

Beard-related skin conditions

Folliculitis Barbae

This is a skin infection that is caused by bacterium Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), and it often affects the beard hair follicle. The infection usually occurs in the beard area that is not shaved; however, it is even more common in men who shave. Folliculitis Barbae is often associated with itch, and it causes red lumps which develop into spots filled with pus. The S. aureus, which is the primary cause of this skin condition, is found in the nose, and they live harmlessly in a significant proportion.

The condition is common among men with an uncut beard as well as those who shave against the grain, those with coarse hair, tend to sweat excessively, and fail to clean their beard regularly and those with an underlying skin condition like eczema.

The best part is these skin condition often resolve by itself. To achieve that, you will need to carry out regular hygiene using beard cleaning regime when the symptoms are mild. As a man who often shaves, you will need to change your razor regularly. Limit the transmission by avoiding sharing towels with household members.

On the other hand, when your symptoms are severe or persistent after using an antiseptic beard, oral antibiotic course or antibiotic cream, it will be best for you to book an appointment with your physician.

Tinea Barbae

This is a fungal infection of the hair, and it occurs as a result of dermatophytes infection within the beard area. Usually, the infection occurs as a result of follicular inflammation or as a cutaneous granulomatous lesion which is a chronic inflammatory reaction. Furthermore, it is among the primary causes of folliculitis.

The Tinea Barbae is a skin infection within the beard area, and it often causes an inflamed and scaly red rash. As time progress, these rash becomes filled up with pus and crusty. Some men tend to experience hair loss within the affected areas.

Usually, this skin condition is common among men who have in contact with cats, horses, dogs and cattle. In addition to that, it is common among men who sweat excessively, who use greasy or oily products on their face and those with an underlying health condition like diabetes.

In most cases, the fungal infection is unlikely to disappear by itself; therefore, seeking medical attention is essential. Using anti-fungal tablets or cream will help get rid of this skin infection easily. Furthermore, you should consider maintaining hygiene and have your beard area dry.

Itchy beard

Whether you are growing your beard for the first time or you have had it for an extended period, it is often common to experience itchiness on your facial hair. In most cases, an itchy beard is mild, and they can go unnoticed while sometimes every itch seems to be very itchy. When severe, itchy beard can wake you up in the middle of the night or even destruct you in an important event.You should note that beard hairs are different from your hair; they are referred to as androgenic hair, meaning that its growth is often affected by your testosterone. With high levels of testosterone, you will have thick and more growth of your beard hair; as a result, you will need to take care good care of your beard hair than other hair on the body.

Itchy beard is caused by an array of aspects which can range from small to major infections. Some of the causes include;

 Growing the facial hair.

When shaving, you tend to leave a sharp edge on your hair present in the follicle; this is a tiny tube that contains and protects your hair. As the hair grows, the sharp edge ends up scratching your follicle, which makes it itches. Therefore, when growing your beard after shaving for an extended period, all your follicles can itch.

Dry skin.

Also referred to as xerosis, dry skin is often caused by cold or dry weather or immersing yourself in hot water, particularly during shower or bath. You skin feature natural oil that acts a protective barrier, and when you shower, the shampoo and soaps tend to wash it off; this causes your skin to dry, resulting in an itchy beard.

Furthermore, ichthyosis can be the cause of dry skin as well as skin thickening. This is a family of skin condition which includes genetic and acquired types. In addition to that, some underlying skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can cause your skin to be chronically dry resulting in itchy beard

 Ingrown hair.

This often occurs when a shaved hair grows back into the follicle instead of outside. As a result, it causes inflammation of the follicle, making your beard itchy; it is often common among men with tight and curly beard hair. An ingrown hair will become noticeable when the follicle becomes red, itchy, bumpy and painful.

Final verdict for growing a beard with zero skin conditions

Recovering from beard-related skin conditions will require patience; some conditions tend to take an extended period while others take a short period to heal. Depending on your skin condition, it is always advisable to have the patience to achieve a great result.

It is advisable to seek medical attention when the condition is recurring or fails to disappear after using over the counter remedies. Discovering how to solve any beard-related skin condition is essential for any man with a beard.

As we conclude, we hope that this article has been of great help when it comes to understanding and treating different beard-related skin conditions.


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