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Can beard growth products enhance your beard safely?

As men age they may experience reduced hair growth. This can affect the facial hair, resulting in a thin or patchy beard. If you’re used to sporting a full beard, this can be a real blow to your style. You’d hate to be caught with ratty facial hair. And switching to a bare face could be a big change. So, what can be done?

To combat this problem, many beard growth products have been developed. The creators claim they can restore bare patches, or even increase growth to it’s previous rate.

You could potentially return your scrawny or patchy beard to its previous thick, full state. There are various products, some like oils and sprays that are applied topically, and some vitamin supplements meant to affect your metabolic processes.

Your selection depends on your specific needs.

But can a product that enhances your beard growth really be safe? It’s always best to do some research before trying a new product. We’ll look at a few products and determine how they work, and how effective they are.

Beard Growth Supplements

These supplements are meant to stimulate your natural hair growth. Beard growth supplements are made from a combination of vitamins and herbal ingredients already known have an effect individually. By combining them into a single capsule, it’s made easy to get a range of beard growth boosters.

These beard growth products commonly use vitamins such as B12, which is good for the health of your hair follicles, and vitamin A, which can help boost testosterone production. The main active ingredient is usually Biotin, a popular term for B7. This helps increase the function of your metabolism, an important part of hair growth.

Another popular choice for beard growth is a testosterone supplement. An increase in male hormones will certainly stimulate beard growth. However, this might be an extreme treatment if you have no other needs. Testosterone would also help with muscle mass, or sluggishness from ageing.

The most effective supplements provide a healthy combination of vitamins to give you a comprehensive effect. Grizzly Adam Hair and Beard Growth Support, has a good selection of vitamins to give healthier hair in general. It also gives a good boost of Biotin, an essential for hair growth. It’s one of the strongest combinations if you’re looking for a quality beard growth supplement.

Beard Growth Spray

Beard growth sprays are focused on preventing further hair loss. The spray is applied topically, simply sprayed onto the needed area with an aerosol applicator. It is intended for daily use, requiring several sprays throughout the day. The spray function is mostly for convenience, to help with the many applications needed.

The active ingredient is palmetto. This herbal treatment is intended to block testosterone, inhibiting hair loss. Because of this, you beard may lose some fullness. Sprays are only recommended for treating a spotty beard, keeping patches from becoming worse.

Beard Growth Oil

Beard oils have three basic functions. First to stimulate hair follicles in a specific area where applied. Second, to create fuller looking hair, when rubbed in to the beard. Finally, it also treats the skin, removing dead cells, and opening the pores. So, beard oil is both medicinal, as well as cosmetic. Daily use can help give you a healthier looking beard.

A good beard oil uses a mix of vitamins, and antioxidants, combined with a skin cream. You should look for natural ingredients, avoiding any including harsh chemicals. Some oils concentrate on the cosmetic aspects, but might damage your beard over time.

Grizzly Adam Beard Oil, combines natural nourishing ingredients with conditioner to treat dandruff. It helps to promote healthy skin, and keep your beard full and clean. The oil not only promotes beard growth, but also overall beard and face health.


Are Beard Growth products safe?

These products are made with a combination of ingredients that have been extensively tested. There are no known side effects, and should be safe for you to use. What effects they have are entirely beneficial. Use these products as described and intended, and you should see great results with your beard growth.

Any of these beard growth products offer you good options to treat your facial hair. There’s no need to suffer with a failing beard.

You can find the treatment option you need. Always be sure to use a beard growth product that will keep your face looking healthy. Proper grooming will go a long way to supplement these products.

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