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This review is from: Beard Wash 200ml – A Gentle Beard Shampoo and Wash by Grizzly Adam – Formulated Specifically For Your Beard and Moustache

How my partner is using this – as an all over face wash morning and evening only, followed by moisturiser and/or beard balm/oil, depending on how dry his skin is. My partner has pretty sensitive skin – this is a thin, not massively foaming soap, which cleans really well, good option for normal as well as more sensitive skins.

– The main attraction – No SLS – that evil drying stuff in just about all shower gels and cheap (and not so cheap) face washes. This stuff is actually an irritant in most people – it drys out the skin. Often you just notice the nice ‘clean’ feeling you get, because it’s all foamy – but it’s actually pulling all the natural oils out of your skin, irritating the hell out of you, shrivelling you up – and it causes premature aging. I wash my hands in SLS soap when I’m at other people houses, but I’d no sooner put that on my (or buy something for my husband’s) face than a big pile of horse poo. Actually, the horse poo might do less harm.
– This uses Decyl Glucoside – non irritating, usually from coconut or corn starch – and the stuff used in good quality baby shampoo. It’s gentle. Your face will look like a babies bum.

So there are a few other things that interested me in this formulation –
– other great ingredients -Cedarwood Oil and Lime Oil stand out for me – natural scents, plus both have antiseptic/antifungal properties (should be good for preventing clogs/spots near hair). Aloe Vera too – healing, calming.
– I like the approach to customers – 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they are really transparent about their ingredients.
– It has a strong Lime smell – be aware of this if you don’t like Lime scent or strong scents – it is more lime peel or even lime sweeties! Can’t believe it is natural – we both like it, but not one for someone who dislikes strong smells. It lasts a few minutes, after washing, then is totally undetectable.

Great stuff. I think this is a good choice to add into a skincare and beard-care regime. Click below if this was useful in any way to you, or if any questions I’ll try to get back to you – I’m a skincare buff. My main need is scientifically potent contents, not just a nice smell or ok moisturiser. I want the exfoliating acids, the antioxidant Vitamins, etc. And guys should have the same quality/standards.

I got this at a discount for a honest review – and I recommend it – for all the reasons listed, and will be repurchasing this.

I also like the packaging- it is in a hygienic pump bottle (no air gets to product), plastic not glass (so you can drop it in the shower), and dark brown to preserve the oils/natural products from oxidising in contact with light. Modern classic design. I like the lack of bling, and simple fun graphics – smart enough to be a gift – but not OTT/money wasted on flashy packaging. A good balance.

Note – I hate how Amazon stick their label over the product label – it tears at the product info when removing, which is a pain in the butt when gift giving, makes the product look tatty. Would this company consider putting the product in a bag/bubble wrap/something – which Amazon then label over? This is what most other skincare companies do, although I suppose it adds to the recycling load. There must be a way!

This review is from: Beard Wash 200ml – A Gentle Beard Shampoo and Wash by Grizzly Adam – Formulated Specifically For Your Beard and Moustache
I’ve been using this product for a while now and recently stocked up at a great discount price which was even better value for money than normal. Compared to many other beard wash products the Grizzly Adam offering is excellent value even at normal prices. In addition the 200ml bottle lasts ages as just a couple of drops lathers up very quickly.
The shampoo itself has an excellent scent which I guess is down to the Cedarwood Oil and Lime Oil which not only leaves a very pleasant aroma but also has the benefits of a natural antiseptic. My beard feels cleansed, softened and moisturised something that never happened with soap or standard shampoos. The shampoo is predominantly organic and there are no Parabens or Sulphates. In addition there is no drying out or irritation of the skin which is major plus having lived with sensitive skin for many years.
As said at the beginning of this review I have bought this product at full and discounted prices and would continue to purchase at both. Discounts are offered from time to time which just improve the value for money. I will definitely be repurchasing and would also recommend the use of Grizzly Adam Beard Oil which I apply once the beard is dry. This keeps my beard conditioned between washes.

Beard shampoo? I’ve always been used to washing my beard with soap but, hey, I was offered this at a reduced rate and I wasn’t going to complain about something at a bargain price – especially not to anyone’s face and without having at least tried the product first.
Fortunately, this stuff is great and there’s been no reason to complain.
The beard wash comes in a decently sized 200ml bottle and you don’t need to use a lot to lather up, so it should last a while.
The company claims that its shampoo helps to soften, cleanse and reduces itching. Having used it about half-a-dozen times, I’m happy to say that it does all of these things. I’ve typically tended to use a combination of soap and oil to cleanse and soothe my beard, but this does both and leaves your facial hair feeling soft and conditioned afterwards.
The shampoo is 80% organic, which is a plus point. Okay, 100% organic would have been nice, but there is no Parabens and Sulphates, so it’s all good. Of the various ingredients, lime is the dominant scent. This is a good thing too, as a citrusy smell always seems refreshing.
Here’s how I’d suggest using the product:
– Squirt two drops (maybe three if you’re beard is more Viking than hipster) of Grizzly Adam into the palm of your hand.
– Massage the shampoo into the roots of your beard. Make sure you take your time to allow those essential oils to nourish the roots and skin.
– Wash off the shampoo with warm water.
– Towel dry your beard and comb through.
– Apply some balm to keep your hair in check.
– Repeat 2-3 times a week. Grizzly Adam recommends using the shampoo twice a week. I’ve been using it three times a week, with pretty darn good results.
If you’ve been used to stealing a bit of shampoo from your missus to wash your beard, stop that now. That’s no way to treat your facial hair. Get this beard wash instead and revel in the adulation your beard receives.
portrait of a sad young man with a beard and mustache

When I saw this beard shampoo I was intrigued as to what the difference between this product and normal shampoo was as this was noticeably more expensive.

Having used this shampoo several times on my beard I can honestly say that I will not be going back to using normal shampoo for my beard. The most noticeable thing I have found from using the beard shampoo is that whist it has clearly washed my beard it does not appear to take all of the natural oils out which is fantastic as my beard has a tendency to dry out which lead to split ends and my beard generally looking scruffy.

I also really like the smell of the beard shampoo, I can’t describe exactly what it smells like but is a sort of citrusy smell which I can smell for a long time after I have showered.

All in all I would have no hesitation recommending this beard shampoo to anybody who has issues with dry or wiry beards and does not want to have to spend additional money on beard oils to compensate for the natural oils which have been lost from using normal shampoo.
I received this beard shampoo at a discount in return for my honest and unbiased review. These are my personal options base on my experiences with the product and I am in no way associated with the company. If you have any questions about the product leave a comment on this review and I will do my best to answer if I am able.

I’ve recently started using a beard balm and noticed a significant difference however using a beard shampoo is a new venture for me. I’ve always used normal shampoo and conditioner on my beard and never really been able to grow it fully due to itching, dryness and facial hair going wild. After doing a bit of research and understanding a little more about maintaining a healthy looking beard I soon realised that I’ve been using the wrong product as facial hair is different from normal head hair. I came across this beard shampoo hoping that this would be the answer to my problem.

Comes in a generous 200ml bottle considering you only rub a few drops into your beard. The beard shampoo can be used just like a normal shampoo. Really simple to use once applied it begins to turn into foam , leave it in your beard for a few minutes and then rinse it out. I really like the lime cent nice refreshing smell, I can instantly can feel the difference. My beard feels nice and soft with less facial fuzz. I don’t itch any more either. No doubt I will see more improvements using it regularly.

Overall its a great product. My beard feels soft, hydrated and more controlled. I will definitely continue to use this beard shampoo as I can already see the benefits in a short space of time. I received this product at discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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