Your beard is a reflection of you. So you want to keep your beard well-groomed, clean and healthy. But sometimes the best way to care for your beard isn’t always the most obvious course of action.

Ask four bearded guys how they take care of their beard and you’ll get five different answers. One of the most divisive issues in beard care is washing frequency.

Should you wash your beard every day? Every other day? Every week? There’s no one correct answer because, well, there’s no one type of beard. Your beard is as unique as you are. Your beard’s needs won’t necessarily be the same as anyone else’s.

What to Look For, What to Expect

The answer to this dilemma, if you could call it that, is beard shampoo. That’s right. A shampoo made specifically for the hair on our faces, whether it be our mustache or our beard. For years we have gotten away with using shampoo that was not only made for the hair on the top of our heads but in many cases they were made for those of the fairer gender. Not anymore.

Today’s man actually has a choice when it comes to his shampoo, whether it be made for his face or the top of his head. This is not to make things more complicated than they actually are, since most men have only recently been talked into the idea of shampooing every day. The mix of good news is that first, shampooing every day isn’t really necessary. And second, whether a man is sold on shampooing every day or not, it would be easy for him to adapt to shampooing every day by soaping up his head on one day while he does his beard on the next.

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